The look revolution. Optimised your latest tech on Mac computer, Windows and iPad, attraction developer is place brand new business standard in the wonderful world of design.

The look revolution. Optimised your latest tech on Mac computer, Windows and iPad, attraction developer is place brand new business standard in the wonderful world of design.

Finest in course for promoting concept ways, printing work, logos, icons, UI designs, mock-ups and more, it is currently the top selection of a large number of specialist illustrators, web site designers, games builders also creatives who love the silky-smooth mix of vector and raster layout hardware.

Major business

No bloat, no gimmicks, only all of the apparatus you’ll need, implemented the manner in which you always imagined. Affinity Designer is actually a stripped again, pro-end workhorse that always ensure you get your tasks complete.

Quickly and glorious

Affinity developer was created to flourish on the electric rate of the latest computing devices. Real time, responsive and incredibly liquid, it’s merely a joy to use.

  • + skillet and zoom at 60fps
  • + alive gradients, effects and modifications
  • + Real time blend function previews
  • + All transforms and bend edits previewed living

Because complex as you like

The engine behind Affinity Designer should manage big files to feel confident in including dozens of tiny facts without any damage to efficiency.

  • + Optimised for documentation of any complexity
  • + Handle 1000s of things without lag
  • + prepare with covering teams and color marking
  • + alive describe view for accurate choices

Vector or raster, make a decision

Switch between full included vector and raster workspaces with an individual simply click. Incorporate raster clean texture your pictures, revise single pixels on icons, mask and add whole grain to your crisp vectors, enclose and clip pixel levels and more — it’s true imaginative liberty when you need it.

Designed for their workflow

A large number of makers internationally told us how they want their own graphics software to behave. We placed that information at core of Affinity Designer.

Saveable background with different futures

Customisable keyboard shortcuts


Constant piece export

CMYK, 16 & 32bit RGB, Pantone, ICC profiles

State-of-the-art grids, snapping and alignment

Linked icons and restrictions

Timesaving performance

The UI was developed to offer a consumer experience feasible in order to spend more time creating. Timesaving resources particularly choose equivalent and Select item allow you to effectively complement characteristics or pick all objects of a certain kind for simple editing, while business presets when it comes to UI design lets you save your favorite workplace configurations for several work and simply change between the two.

Any equipment, everywhere

Whether on screens, Mac computer or iPad, the file format is exactly equivalent. Thus giving complete versatility to effortlessly operate across the (or their team’s) various units with the exact same file.

Color regulation

Are employed in RGB or research color areas – even up to 32-bits per route. Plus if you are building for print, pantone assistance, end-to-end CMYK and ICC color administration are made in as criterion.

Reliable vector tools

Affinity developer is full of methods meticulously produced for attaining large returns, while maintaining 100 percent precise geometry.

  • + Comprehensive vector toolset
  • + top pencil & node software available
  • + Pencil and hair brush stabilisation
  • + Non-destructive Boolean businesses
  • + effective contour appliance

Strong contour appliance

Effectively include a contour to the object or raise the width of solitary available shape. It’s an easy way to generate abstract types or an offset path — ideal for numerous architectural needs or producing a logo or printing file for a sticker.

Complex grids and guides

The choices you have for installing grids and instructions is nearly endless. Whether it’s a general grid structure, or complete isometric with numerous planes, you’ve got full control over spacing, sub-divisions, gutters, sides and.

  • + Column and page books
  • + Isometric grids and planes
  • + Auto-alignment technology
  • + Pixel snapping and positioning

A million+ percentage zoom

It’s this that we mean by power. Right from the start we developed the engine to be effective to floating point reliability. So what does this mean? 1,000,000percent zoom!

Infinite artboards

Layout any screens, pages, menus along with other items in just one job across any number of artboards. Export artboards, or any person areas in your styles, with a single click.

  • + generate artboards of every proportions
  • + select from predetermined product dimensions
  • + productivity complete artboards or items in every format
  • + Export at 1x, 2x and 3x resolution in one operation

Linked signs

Symbols lets you incorporate limitless instances of exactly the same base item across any project. Revise one, therefore the relax up-date instantaneously. It’s an easy task to generate numerous forms of icons with some qualities isolated, and/or has signs within signs permitting some actually revolutionary techniques to increase their workflow.

Alive pixel preview

Pixel best design is guaranteed by looking at your projects in pixel preview setting. This allows one thought vectors in both standard and retina solution, giving you a completely real time look at just how every component of their style will export.

Sophisticated typography

Whether using the services of artistic book for statements, or frames of text for human anatomy content, you can add higher level styling and ligatures with full control of trusted, kerning, tracking plus. At any time convert your book to shape to need full regulation and produce your own personal superb, custom typography to add big effect.

  • + Comprehensive OpenType support
  • + Artistic book and text frames
  • + figure and part styles
  • + Flow text along any course

Specialist production for print, display screen or cooperation

State-of-the-art document support reaches the center from the back-end technologies behind attraction developer. Most of the major picture and vector document kinds become supported, like PDF/X4, EPS, SVG and PSD service.

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